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As the parents of two fourteen year old sons, we Broads know a little about stories for young adults that are compelling and worthy of their time.  This part of our blog is for them and all the young adults who may want a good book but feel the task of wading through the piles of books published for this age group is daunting.  Perhaps we’ll even be able to convince the guys to write a review or two of their favorite books in this genre.

Whether you are a mixed martial artist or just a person looking for mental toughness, this book is for you.  Forrest Griffin tells how life is, and he doesn’t sugar coat it. 

Got Fight?, is broken up into six sections, called books.  Book 1: The Physical, Book 2: The Mental, Book 3: Smart Advice, Book 4: Handling Your Business, Book 5: Fighting Tips, and lastly, Book 6: The Vault of Super-Secret Techniques.  Before you start this book, you have to take the “Manly-Test”.  This series of questions is hilarious, but very vulgar, as is the whole book, so if you don’t allow your kid to curse or read a book with a lot of cursing, or think he doesn’t curse and laugh at locker room talk, this book may not be for you or yours.

Forrest then goes into a series of subjects about fighting, how to treat women, and what true men are made of in The Physical.  In the next part, The Mental, Forrest explains what to say, and more importantly what not to say when talking smack, along with thoughts on agression, consistancy, handling defeat, and humility.  Book 3: Smart Advice includes Forrest humoursly discussing clubbing and the life of a wanna-be super-star.  He also lets us know his favorite things.  The next book, Handling Your Business, is about two main points, women and fighting.  In fighting, he tells how to train and manage yourself the right way.  With women, he explains the wrong kinds of women and the right kinds.  Book 5, entitled The Forty-Two Fighting Tips is self-explanitory as well as Book 6: The Vault of Super-Secret Techniques.

Overall I thought the book was fantastic, and even though I have read it many times, I still burst out laughing.  If you can appreciate his raunchy humor and blunt talk on topics young men face every day, you will enjoy Got Fight?.

Recommendation:  * * * * *  (5 stars)  -Zach

Zach is Moira’s son.  This is his first review for the Young Adult Literature Page. 

The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero, the first book in a new series called The Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan is a story about three teenagers, Jason, Leo, and Piper, who are demigods.  Demigods are half-human and half-god and either the child’s mother or father is a goddess or god.  Jason is the son of Zeus; Leo is the son of Hephaestus; and Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite.  The story is about Jason, Leo, and Piper going on a quest to stop the Giants from destroying the Gods and to save Piper’s dad, a movie star, from a Giant.

The story begins with Jason, Leo, and Piper going on a field trip to the Grand Canyon where storm spirits attack their gym coach, a satyr named Coach Hedge, who fights them off with his club but is taken away by them.  After the fight, a flying chariot picks the three demigods up and takes them to New York to a camp called Camp Half Blood, a camp for people just like them.

At the camp, they are claimed by their godly parents and for the first time the three teenagers understand who they really are.  Jason is then assigned a quest to save Hera and defeat the Giants.  He chooses Leo and Piper to go with him.  They fly on a metal dragon to Quebec to see a wind god and he tells them to go to Chicago to find the wind spirits.  They end up at a Macy’s for demigods with potions and other demigod items, such as swords, breastplates, and mythical animals.  This is where they find out they must go to California to Mount Diablo to save Piper’s father, who is being held captive by Enceladus, and defeat the Giant.  Macy’s is also where they save their coach, who had been taken there by the storm spirits.

They defeat the Giant and save Piper’s father, but then they have to go to Wulf House where Hera is being held captive.  Once they free Hera, she changes into her godly form and kills all the monsters there.  She also kills Jason by mistake, but somehow he survives, even though as a mortal (demigods are still mortals) he should have died when he saw Hera’s true form. The three teenagers return to Camp Half Blood and are assigned a new quest to travel to Greece to destroy the rest of the Giants.

The Lost Hero is a book that’s full of adventure.  I think it was written well and the story flowed well.  I like reading Rick Riordan’s books because I like Greek mythology.  Anyone who enjoys mythology will like this book.
This is Christiaan’s second review for the Brazen Broads Book Bash.  He claims this one was easier than the first.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society is written by Trenton Lee Stewart.  It’s a book about four kids.  Reynie is the intelligent one; Stickey is the one with the best memory; Kate has a red bucket that has all the tools in it to help with adventures; and Constance is rotten to everyone she comes in contact with.  All the kids pass a very difficult test that will tell them they can go to a special school to help Mr. Benedict, the leader of the society. While they’re at the Institute, which is what the school is called, they work for Mr. Benedict to sabotage the school and its leader who are brainwashing people.  They later find out that the leader of the Institute is Mr. Benedict’s brother.

I enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict Society because it related to me and my life.  I thought the kids’ adventures were described in great detail.  I liked the writing because it was formal but easy to understand.  I also liked the fact that the story flowed well and it was organized well.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is the first book in a three book series, and I’ve read the other two and enjoyed them just as much.  I think you’ll enjoy Trenton Lee Stewart’s series too.

Christiaan is Alexandria’s fourteen year old son.  While he enjoys reading almost as much as his mother, he enjoys writing reviews a bit less.

  1. I’ve actually seen this book on the shelves. I may just have to pick it up. Well done, Christiaan!

    • Thanks Kate! When I told him someone commented on his guest post, I think he felt like a superstar. It made up for the fact that we didn’t post him on the front page. 🙂


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