Demon’s Fall-Karalynn Lee

In Book Reviews, romance novels on October 31, 2010 at 10:10 am

Demon’s Fall is a new novella by Karalynn Lee.  Coming in at just over 70 pages, it’s a short read but an enjoyable one.  The story revolves around a demon named Kenan and an angel named Jahel.  Kenan is an incubus, a creature who seduces humans for their souls, which he collects.  He encounters Jahel in Hellsgate, the area adjacent to Hell proper, at a merchant’s where she’s caged and being sold.  An angel’s soul would be a nice addition to his collection, so he buys her and takes her home with him.  While there, he feeds her and helps her clean up while she tells him why an angel was anywhere near Hell.  She had been there to retrieve the soul of a young women she was charged to watch over who had lost hers to a hellhound in the forest after being chased by a hunter in the employ of her stepmother.  Kenan agrees to help the angel retrieve the soul, knowing that if he helps her it will be easier to seduce her into relinquishing her soul. But while he’s helping her he falls in love with her.  Unfortunately, the forces of Heaven and Hell won’t make being with each other easy, and before they can be together, the world almost ends and they must give one another up.

Demon’s Fall has a great idea behind it.  Lee develops the two main characters just to the point where the reader wants to know more, but the span of around 70 pages is just too brief for a story involving demons and angels and the possible end of the world.  As a result, parts of the story that could have blossomed into wonderful scenes are cut short and the overall effect is that Demon’s Fall is a missed opportunity for the author.  The story seems rushed because it doesn’t follow itself to its natural fullness.  Kenan could be so much more, as could Jahel, and once the threat of the Apocalypse is introduced, the reader is left not only wanting more fullness to their relationship but more to the crisis that may bring about the end of the world.

Every reader has gotten through a 400+ page novel and thought to themselves, “This book needed some serious editing!” Some novels leave the reader thinking that the story could have been told best as a novella and not stretched out unnecessarily to a full length novel.  Some stories work well as short stories or novellas. In this case, this reader wishes that Karalynn Lee had given her story more room to breathe and grow.  It very possibly would have been well worth it.  Read Demon’s Fall knowing that you’ll probably wish there was more too.

Demon’s Fall was provided for review by the publisher, Carina Press, through NetGalley.


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