The Power-Rhonda Byrne

In Book Reviews, social science on October 11, 2010 at 12:13 am

If You Liked The Secret

The Power is the latest book from Rhonda Byrne.  Author of the bestseller The Secret, in which she presented the idea that the secret to whatever we want is in each of us (the law of attraction), Byrne continues her self-help crusade with this new book, in which she purports to pass along the knowledge of how to possess the power of the universe.   The power is simply love.  With love, Byrne believes that one can have anything his or her heart desires.

I read The Power with the hope that it would be as good as The Secret.  Not usually one for the positive affirmation genre, I found The Secret to be wonderfully inspiring.  The Power, however, seems less inspiring and more padding for Ms. Byrne’s wallet.  In 272 pages, Byrne basically states and restates over and over that the power to have anything is love.  But isn’t that just what The Secret said in many ways? Wasn’t The Secret about loving yourself and what you do to attract the kinds of people and things you desire in your life?

The problem with The Power is that it seems like the same information Byrne gave in the past.  As a rehashing, it doesn’t eclipse The Secret but seems to be just the same old same old.  What Byrne had to say in The Secret was uplifting to many.  What she has to say in The Power is no less uplifting, I guess, but for anyone who’s read her previous book, the old adage about sequels often not being as good as the original applies.  If you’re looking for a book for affirmation, choose The Secret over The Power.  In this case, the first one is the better one.


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