Passion Unleashed-Larissa Ione

In Book Reviews, romance novels on September 20, 2010 at 12:10 am

And Now For Something Entirely Different-Vampire/Demon Falls In Love With Virgin

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione is one of her Demonica series novels.  This one is about a half vampire, half Seminus demon falling for a charmed human who has to be celibate.  Seminus demons are sex demons. Well, you say, that’s an odd pairing–a demon who has to have sex more times a day than most people speak on the phone and a young, beautiful human who has to keep her virginity because she’ll die if she gives it up.  This sounds like a match made a few steps below heaven.

Wraith, the Seminus demon, is as all great romance heroes are: mad, bad, dangerous to know, and incredibly sexy.  He’s also dealing with issues from his childhood (something many women would like, I guess, but I found this to be somewhat irritating) and is part founder of a hospital in the underworld (so he is an altruistic demon–women dig that).  Serena, the charmed virgin, is an archeologist (Moira won’t like that one bit).  She meets Wraith when he comes looking for her charm to cure him of a deadly poison one of his brothers (the evil one–not the other two he founded that hospital with) had an assassin inject him with. It seems her virginity is the only cure for this particular poison. However, other demons, many not so noble as our man Wraith, also want what Serena has because they want to take over the world.

Of course, because he’s incredibly sexy (something helped tremendously by being a sex demon), it doesn’t take long for Serena to want him more than life itself, literally.  Interestingly, she works very hard to not give it up, but because she finds out Wraith is dying, she wants to give him some pleasure like he’s given her (the non-penetration kind, sort of).  So she performs fellatio on him and when she swallows, she is basically turned into a woman who must have him. Then she is doomed to death, but the sex was at least incredible.

There are a lot of bad guys doing bad stuff to these two and in the end all is well because she is saved by Wraith, who of course is willing to trade anything to keep the woman he loves with him.  It’s all very nice, and by the end, Wraith is no longer worthy of such a wicked name and should go back to being Josh, the name he used when he was tricking her to be with him.

Wraith is a great character for most of the story, but once again, we have a writer symbolically defanging the mad, bad guy by the end of the book.  Perhaps this is what romance readers want.  I don’t, but maybe I’m not the norm.  I’m fine with the happy ending, but does it have to be so damn pedestrian?  Do the sexy, dangerous men in these stories always have to turn into men one step above milquetoast, whose only attractive qualities left are their good looks and great bodies? Can’t a man be in love with a woman and retain any of the personality he possessed before she arrived?

  1. I completely agree with your point of view regarding the changes to Wraith’s character. The author went overboard with the changes. He lost all the bad boy qualities that made him so appealing in the first two books. I was disappointed by Passion Unleashed. It wasn’t the Wraith story I was expecting.

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