Monthly Top 5: Our Top 5 Romantic Heroes

In romantic heroes, Top 5 on July 29, 2010 at 8:32 pm

In the last week of each month, we broads will post our top 5 of a certain theme.  This month we offer our top 5 romantic heroes from the books we’ve read. Below the list is our discussion of our lists.


1.  Lord Safyre (The Lady’s Tutor)/Lord Safyre (The Lady’s Tutor)
2.  Rhage (Lover Eternal)/Gregori (Dark Magic)
3.  Gregori (Dark Magic)/Maximilian Downing (Seven Secrets of Seduction)
4.  Wrath (Dark Lover)/Zsadist (Lover Awakened)
5.  Count Andre Dragulescu (The Dead Travel Fast)/Rhage (Lover Eternal)

Who is number 1?

Alexandria:  Ramiel is definitely my first choice.  He’s got the skills to handle a woman, the tool to do it with, and takes care of business inside and outside of the bedroom.  That kind of man is incredibly sexy to me.  Also, I’m a teacher during the day; I’d love to be a pupil at night. Where can I find a man like this?  Now, please?

Moira:  A man who has a way with words will always steal my heart over a man with anything else.  Tall, dark, and handsome with the ability to instruct me in anything already makes Ramiel a winner; that his tutorial lies in the bedroom adds to his appeal.  His competence in matters of all kinds would allow my primary focus to be the evening’s lesson and nothing else.

Who are your choices for number 2?

Alexandria:  I have to go with Rhage.  I do love a tall man with demons inside him, and Rhage has got both of those things covered.  Sexy as all hell and deadly…..love that combination!  As sexy is the idea that he’s experienced with women and knows how to take care of business. That he’s sweet and wants to take care of his woman is even better. Finally, that he’s willing to trade his happiness for hers is incredibly appealing.

Moira:  Well, I simply cannot resist a man others refer to as the Dark One, a man others respectfully fear, a man who knows he is the answer to what I don’t even know I seek–with the patience to let me figure it out.  (Well, Gregori, how about just a few searing kisses to help me along in the thought process?)

Who makes it in at number 3?

Alexandria:  Number 3 is Gregori, an incredibly sexy character who still stands as one of the gold standards in romantic men for me.  He’s experienced the world and let his female go to experience the world too.  Love that selflessness!  In addition, he’s fearsome, a man who commands respect from not only others of his kind but all who meet him.  That’s quite appealing.  He also knows how to take care of a woman.  All of this adds up to a winning combination for me.

Moira:  Maximilian Downing,  affectionately known as #3, again comes out a winner in large part for superior language skills (and not just skills in whispering naughty nothings).  His ability to control a conversation, as well as manipulate a situation to his own interests makes him incredibly sexy.  True rakes are few and far between in this present day.  I’ve always had a bit of a thing for a rake.

And the romantic hero in at number 4?

Alexandria: I put Wrath in at number 4.  Another big man–6’9″–and feared by vampires and mankind alike is sexy.  Men who command respect are the kind of men I find desirable. Power is an incredible aphrodesiac, and this man has it.  Plus the height thing is a huge turn on for me.  Love me a big, powerful man!

Moira:  The bad boy with issues tugs at the (very small) soft spot in my heart, and lands Zsadist at number four on my list.  Tall, lean, and dangerous are three of my favorite things.  Zsadist has these and more.  Having been both a warrior and a slave, Zsadist has tattoos on his neck, arms, and legs…something I find appealing.  The author’s description of the scar running from his forehead down across his face added to the bad boy/bad ass image for me.  My mind’s eye feasted on this man-candy.

Finally, which romantic hero rounds out the Top 5?

Alexandria:  Count Andre Dragulescu comes in at number 5 for me.  He’s dark and mysterious, but his brooding is brainy, in a way.  He’s a vampire with a telescope.  Also, he’s charming and likes a smart female.  All of those things are attractive.  In addition, I have to admit that I find that Eastern European type quite appealing.

Moira:  Rhage rounds out my top five heroes to date.  Massive hunk of man is the best description I can give that may do justice to his 6’8″ frame covered with solid muscle.  The consummate ladies man, when he falls in love, falls hard, and Rhage was no exception to this rule.  His deep love makes him quite desirable.


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