A little about us

In author information on June 18, 2010 at 3:59 pm

We are Alexandria and Moira, the brazen broads this blog is named after and the women who will be writing about books.  Each of us has particular likes and dislikes in books, particularly in romance/erotica books, the genre in which we’ve recently delved.  I prefer supernatural types of stories in this area, such as vampire romance/erotica.  Moira likes period stories and historical romance/erotica.  But we aren’t exclusive in our choices, so she is more than happy to sink her teeth into my favorite vampire stories (I know, very weak pun), and I’m always up for some lovin’ in my history (but I can’t brook any Scottish Highlands stories–the dialect just kills me!).

Romance/erotica books are where we begin this blog.  We’ll begin with one or two of our favorites.  Enj0y!


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